Dahlia Green

Culinary Care

Personalized nutrition care for a healthy life.

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Hi, I’m Dahlia Green.

I’m a NYC-based nutritionist, passionate about helping people live healthier lives by being smarter about what they consume. Whether you’re looking to improve the health of yourself, your family, or your company, I have the experience and dedication needed to help you achieve your desired results.


Nutrition services


Customized to your household. Healthy, nutritious, and delicious.


Access a diverse set of knowledge and tools with the full flexibility of remote. 


Achievable, non-fad, healthy solutions for your lifestyle and habits – the key to sustained results. 

Why nutrition services

As a huge fan of therapy and psychology, there is still a common gap being missed when it comes to the impact what you eat has on your entire short and long term wellbeing. 

Improve digestion

A unique combo of truly healthy and truly tasty solutions. 

Motivation and Support

This sh## is hard! Free consultations until a true connection is established. 

Personalized programs

Everyone is different and struggles in different ways. Find what will work with you. 

Nutritional Expertise

Vast experience across the many approaches to health and wellness. 

FROM my healthy CLIENTS

After years of bad diet habits, Dahlia helped me better connect with my body. She gave me the tools to make better and healthier choices for myself.
I am forever grateful to Dahls for her private online coaching service. She taught me how to lead a healthier life by being smarter about the food I consume.
We hired Dahlia to help develop our corporate wellness program and she was very professional to work with. Our employees love her!

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